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We have partnered up with one of the leading security companies in Sri Lanka: Nova Corp to bring you best in class security solutions

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Cyber Security Services

We provide you with 360 coverage of cyber security services; from Security Consulting to Offensive Security Assessments to Data Protection Solutions. If you're seeking security with software, Purple Software got you covered.

Security Consulting

Governance, Risks & Compliance
Cloud Security Consulting
Data Security (GDPR, Privacy, Classification)
Virtual CISO
SOC Consulting

Offensive Security

Vulnerability Assessment
Penetration Testing
Mobile App Security Testing
Red Teaming

Data Protection

Endpoint Protection
Network Protection
Identity Protection
Security Operations


We're is equipped with the best in class certifications to handle your security. This is proof that we take security very serious.

ISO CertificateCISM CertificateCISSP CertificateCCNA Certificate

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