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TOS Builder has been exclusively designed for Travel agencies and DMCs, offering the capability to create tour itineraries in just minutes. This application encompasses a wide range of features, including client management, itinerary creation, invoice sending, access control, content management, and more. By simplifying these tasks, TOS Builder empowers tour operators to focus primarily on their sales efforts, leading to increased sales conversion rates.

Client Management
Itinerary Creation
Invoice Sending
Content Administration
Access Control
Branding Customization
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StoreCeylon is a platform created by Purple Software to enable manufacturers and distributors to promote their products in compliance with the forthcoming subscription model. The platform is designed to accommodate numerous vendors, agents, or branches, allowing for customization based on specific requirements. Through this platform, customers have the convenience of placing online orders for products, whether it be for recurring or one-time purchases.

Multiple Vendors
Subscription-based Ordering
Customizable Store
Subdomain per Store